Living on Campus

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Looking for a full, enriched, college experience?

OCC's four residence halls are "Living Learning Communities," where the students choose their neighbors based on common interests or majors. Being part of a Living Learning Community is a great way to make new friends, join study groups, and enjoy your time at OCC in and out of the classroom. 

Choose from 18 Living Learning Communities

  • Business​

  • Career and Transfer Planning​

  • Community & Civic Engagement​

  • Creative Arts​

  • Criminal Justice​

  • First Year Mentorship​

  • Gender Inclusivity​

  • Global Citizenship ​

  • Health & Wellness

  • Honors​

  • Lazer Athletics​

  • Leadership​

  • Music​

  • Recreation & Fitness​

  • Social Justice​

  • STEM (Science, ​Technology, Engineering and Math)​

  • Women's Empowerment​

  • Zen Zone

Room Selection

Students also have the choice of living in a single room (by themselves,)  double room (with a roommate,) or triple room (with two roommates.) Room size impacts cost, with single rooms costing the most, and triple rooms costing the least.

Aside from living near students who share your hobbies or major, you're also welcome to request to be housed with a specific person, or people, on your  housing application.  Residence Life cannot guarantee that they'll be able to honor your request, but they'll definitely try their best.

In fact, if you make close friends throughout your time at OCC, and want to live near them, you can put in a request to have them moved closer to your apartment. The Residence Life team wants students to have a fulfilling, well-rounded educational experience, so they're happy to help! ​

2019-2020 Room Rates

Single Room $7,270/yr. 
Double Room $6,270/yr.
Triple Room $5,470/yr.


Meal Plan Rates*

14 meals per week $2,720/yr.
16 meals per week $2,920/yr.
19 meals per week $3,120/yr.

*Meal plans are only available to students living on campus

Shapero Hall

Shapero Hall​

  • Reserved for first-year students​

  • Single, double, and triple rooms​

  • Shared bathrooms and kitchenettes on each floor​

  • Furnished bedrooms with a bed, desk, open closet, and two stackable dressers for each student​

  • Fitness room​

  • Multiple lounges​

  • Laundry facilities

Buildings A and C residence halls

Buildings A and C​

  • A mix of first-year and second-year students​

  • Pod-style housing with 5-8 students, one study area, and 2 bathrooms per pod​

  • Single, double, and triple rooms​

  • Vending machines​

  • Laundry facilities

Building B residence hall

Building B​

  • Reserved for second- year students ​

  • Suite-style housing with one full kitchen, one living room, and two bathrooms per suite.​

  • Single, double, and triple  rooms​

  • Furnished bedrooms with a bed, desk, and wardrobe closet for every student​

  • Laundry facilities 

Questions? Contact the Residence Life team at (315) 498-2351 or