Keuka College - Nursing BSN Program Only

Keuka College - Nursing BSN Program Only

Primary Contact Theresa Gage, Admissions Counselor, Adult & Online Education
Phone 315-694-8151
URLs Keuka College AOE Transfer Website, RN to BSN Website, & Course Equivalencies


The dual admission agreement, signed in July 2018, establishes a partnership agreement between Onondaga Community College and Keuka College. RN graduates in this program will, upon completion of a prescribed sequence of courses leading to an associate degree from Onondaga Community College, continue their studies in the BSN Program at Keuka College.


If you are a current Nursing AAS student who meets the Keuka Program Prerequisites listed below, you can still participate in the dual admission program. Complete the below interest form and send it to Keuka College.




Keuka Program Prerequisites 

Appendix A- OCC Course Equivalencies that meet Keuka Program Prerequisites 
Prerequisites: The following prerequisites are completed at SUNY Onondaga Community College and will transfer upon admission to the RN-BSN program. Please note: Students must earn a grade of ‘C’ or better to be acceptable. 

Onondaga Community College  Keuka College 
ENG 103 English Composition and Literature I ENG 110 College English I 
BIO 171 Anatomy & Physiology I  BIO 203 Anatomy & Phys I 
BIO 172 Anatomy & Physiology II  BIO 204 Anatomy & Phys II + 1 BIO el. cr.
BIO 205 General Microbiology  BIO 207 Microbiology 
PSY 103 General Psychology  PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 
PSY 206 Human Growth and Development

PSY 123 Introduction to Human Dev

SOCI 103 Introductory Sociology  SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 

OCC Course Equivalencies for Keuka College General Education Requirements

Keuka College General Education


Keuka College
Course(s)which meet
General education
Foundational Skills -take 2 courses
Written /Oral Communication,
Information Literacy ( WO) take 2
ENG 110
ENG 118
ENG 103
ENG 104
Experiential Learning (EL) take 1
FYE 101 Waived for licensed
nurses met by
previous course
work and
professional role in
Wellness ( WL) take 1 course FYE 140 Waived for licensed
registered nurses
met by previous
course work
Quantitative/Math Reasoning (QM)
take 1 course
SS-231 OR BUS 320 MAT 118 3-4
Community and Society (CS) take 1
SOC 101 SOC 103 3
Cultural Contexts: Our Culture (OC)
take 1 course
HIS 113, HIS 114,
HIS 105, HIS 121
HIS 103, HIS 104,
HIS 105, HIS 107
Cultural Contexts: Cross Culture
(CC) take 1 course
POL 140, SPA 101,
SPA 102
POS 201, SPA 101,
SPA 102
Physical And Natural World ( PN)
take 1 course
BIO 203 BIO 172 4
Self and Individual (SI) take 1 course PSY 123 PSY 206 3
CIA: Fine and Performing arts take 1
ART 101, ART 201,
ART 202, MUS 101
ART 112, ART 105,
ART 106, MUS 103,
MUS 104
CIA Arts: Verb take 1 course ENG 118, ENG 130, ENG
ENG 104, ENG 203,
ENG 204
Empirical Investigation take 1
PSY 101 PSY 103 3
Ethical Injury ( EI) take 1 course PHL 115 PHI 108 3
Interconnectedness (IN) take 1
INS 301 meets
None-Take INS at




  • Breadth of Knowledge ( BOK)-No more than 2 courses in same discipline may meet BOK learning goals
  • Effective Thinking-this learning goal is met through Foundational Skills and Interconnectedness
  • Reasoning and Analytical Thinking (RA) This learning goal is met through Written and Oral
    Communication, Information Literacy, Quantitative and Mathematical Reasoning, and
    Interconnectedness learning goals and requirements


For more information on seat eligibility and the transfer process contact OCC Nursing Program or AOE Transfer Admissions.

Agreement Signed in July 2018. Contact information last updated in September 2019.